Steps Towards Technician Training and Certification

Step 1

Go to

Step 2

Login or “Apply For Account”

Step 3

Click on “Apply for New Certification”

Step 4

Click on “Apply” next to the Technician discipline you would like to be certified under.

Step 5

Select the SMART Local Union that you are a member of and Click “Apply”.

Step 6

A box will pop up to confirm your request. As directed, type “Apply” (make sure you use upper case letters) and press Apply.

Step 7

Under your list of “Things You Can Do”, find the “Exam” for the Technician you just applied for within the certification list and click “Register”. You may need to scroll down to see all options.

Step 8

Complete all steps of the “Application” and click “Next”.

Step 9

Complete all steps of the “Payment Information” and click “Submit”.

Step 10

10. Contact your local JATC coordinator to verify local training requirements and options. Click here to Find A Training Center.

The International Training Institute (ITI) offers online courses.

  1. Click on
  2. Login with your Username and Password
  3. Under “Training” – Click “Online Classes
    1. Your JATC coordinator can provide access to ITI digital training manuals.
    2. Review the ICB Certification manual to verify the Knowledgebase, Skillsets, and Guiding Documents that the examination and associated training manuals are based on.

Step 11

Once ready, contact your local training center coordinator to schedule the examination.

Step 12

Once you successfully pass the exam, you are officially certified as a technician.

The TABB technician exam consists of a proctored written and practical examination. All other Technician examinations are limited to a written proctored examination.