Steps Towards your Contractor Certification

Step 1

Go to
and click on LOGIN

Step 2

Login or “Apply For Account”

Step 3

Click on “Apply for New Certification”

Step 4

Click on “Apply” next to the Contractor discipline you would like to be certified under.

Step 5

Select the SMART Local Union that your contractor is signatory to, and Click “Apply”

Step 6

A box will pop up to confirm your request. As directed, type “APPLY” (make sure you use upper case letters) and click “Apply”.

Step 7

Under your list of “Things You Can Do”, find the Contractor Application you just applied for within the certification list You may need to scroll down to see all options.

Step 8

Complete all steps of the application and Submit
    • Be prepared to include (5) professional references. References shall be either an Architect, Engineer, Building Owner, Facilities Manager, or Contractor. Two or more references of the same type are acceptable.

Step 9

You will receive an automatic email informing you of the next steps.

Step 10

Once application is approved (Typically the approval process takes between 2-4 weeks), you will receive an email informing you that the contractor you represent is a certified contractor.

There is not a Contractor Study Guide, or an examination required for the Contractor Certification.